• Max. 20 Mbps transfer rate
  • Onboard terminal for direct wiring
  • Easy installation with RJ45 phone jack and LED diagnostic
  • LED indicator for each IO channel (switch by SW4)
  • Selection of I/O-channel configuration (32-ch DI, 32-ch DO or 16/16-ch Digital I/O)
  • 2,500 VRMS Isolation voltage
  • Suitable for DIN-rail mounting

  • 產品介紹
    The AMAX-2750SY series consists of digital slave modules for AMONet RS-485 that extend the digital I/O capacity. All the digital I/O slave extension modules are connected serially with a simple Cat.5 cable. This reduces wiring between driver and controller and is very suitable for highly integrated machine automation applications. High speed, scalability and cost-effectiveness ensures a solid solution for machine builders. There are 3 main types of digital I/O slave modules, 32-ch digital input, 32-ch digital output, and 16/16-ch digital input/output. With these slave modules, you can connect actuators/sensors directly with minimum hassle. You can access I/O points nearby or 100 meters away using simple and low-cost wiring, and the high speed of AMONet RS-485 makes it possible to scan 2,048 I/O channels in 1.04 ms.

    General Dimensions (L x W x H) 125 x 47.6 x 151 mm
    Maximum Power Consumption 5 W
    Typical Power Consumption 1.2 W
    Isolated Digital Output Channels 32
    Isolated Digital Input Channels -

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