• End limit logic is switchable (high or low active)
  • BoardID is switchable
  • Easily visible LED indicators on board to do diagnosis.
  • Direct wire to servo drive to save terminal board space while installation.
  • Max. 6.5 MHz, 4-axis pulse output
  • 28 bits counter for incremental encoder
  • Horizontal installation for for servo or stepping motor driver
  • Suitable for DIN-rail mounting

  • 產品介紹
    AMAX-1220 and AMAX-1240 have compact open frame designs for horizontal placement and an interface connector mounted on the board. With a transfer cable to servo drive, both models can conveniently connect to Mitsubishi J3, Yaskwa Sigma V and Panasonic A4/A5.
    The AMAX-1220 is an economic 2-axis AMONet slave module which supports motion functionality in point-to-point (PTP), linear & circular interpolation, simultaneously start/stop among multiple slave modules, and brake signal to servo for emergence consideration. The AMAX-1240 is an advanced 4-axis AMONet slave module which not only supports AMAX-1220 motion functionality, but also supports advanced features in position compare and triggering function. Both linear interval and table setups are supported.

    Axis Number of Axis 2
    Linear Interpolation V
    2-axis Circle Interpolation V
    Advanced Function Emergency Stop Input Channels 1
    BoardID Switch V
    Encoder Channels 2
    Home Input Channels 2
    Limit Switch Input 4
    Position Compare Event -
    Position Latch -
    Servo On Output Channels 2
    Simultaneously Start/
    Stop among Modules
    Slow Down Limit Switches 4
    General Power Consumption 2 W @ 24 V typical
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 141 x 108 x 60 mm

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