• Low-cost screw-terminal boards
  • Onboard CJC (Cold Junction Compensation) circuits for direct thermocouple measurement.
  • Reserved space for signal-conditioning circuits, such as a low-pass filter, and more.
  • Industrial-grade screw-clamp terminal blocks for heavy-duty and reliable connections.
  • Supports PCL-818 series multifunction cards
  • Nylon standoffs, screws and washers included for easy mounting
  • Dimensions (W x L): 169 x 112 mm (6.7" x 4.4" )

  • 產品介紹
    The PCLD-8115 screw-terminal board offers convenient and reliable signal wiring for multifunction cards with 20-pin flat cable connectors or DB37 connectors, such as the PCL-818 series cards. PCLD-8710 is designed to match multifunction cards with 68-pin SCSI-II connectors, such as the PCI-1710/1710L/1710HG/1710HGL/1711/1711L/1716/1716Lcards.This screw-terminal board also includes cold junction sensing circuitry that allows direct measurements from thermocouple transducers. Together with software compensation andlinearization, every thermocouple type can be accommodated.
    Due to its special PCB layout, you can install passive components to construct your own signal-conditioning circuits. So you can easily construct a low-pass filter, attenuator orcurrent shunt converter by adding resistors and capacitors onto the board circuit pads.


    Supports PCL-818 series multifunction cards

    Nylon standoffs, screw and washers included for easy mounting

    Dimensions(W x L)

    169 x 112 mm (6.7” x 4.4”)

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