• 16 single-ended analog inputs
  • 12-bit A/D converter, with up to 30 kHz sampling rate
  • Programmable gain
  • Two 12-bit analog output channels
  • 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs
  • Onboard programmable counter
  • A/D with DMA or interrupt

PCL-812PG is a multifunction analog and digital I/O card that features the five most desired measurement and control functions for PC/AT and compatible systems: A/D conversion, D/A conversion, digital input, digital output and vounter/timer. This half-size card neatly packages 16 12-bit analog input channels, two 12-bit analog output channels, 16 digital input channels, 16 digital output channels and a programmable counter/timer.
In addition to all the features listed above, PCL-812PG offers the convenience of programmable analog input ranges, where the analog input range can be switched by software commands instead of DIP switches. PCL-812PG also delivers convenience and maximum resolution for applications that need different gains for different channels or different gains for different stages of a process. Comprehensive software support, numerous I/O options and a wide range of available daughterboards make the PCL-812PG ideal for industrial applications that require a combination of analog and digital I/O.

Analog Input Bipolar Inputs (V) ±10, 5, 2.5,1.25, 0.625, 0.3125
Channels 16SE
Resolution 12 bits
Sampling Rates 30 kS/s
Analog Output Resolution 12 bits
Digital I/O Digital Input Channels 16
Digital Output Channels 16
General Bus ISA
Timer/Counter Resolution 16 bits
Time Base 2MHz

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